About Big Mike

 Leibish “Big Mike” GondelmanAfter a long battle with Drug and Alcohol addiction Big Mike turned his life around and has made it his life's work to help others struggling with addiction. This path to sobriety led him to Israel in 2001 where he started learning at Yeshiva Ohr Samaech and became shomer mitzvot. Read More

What we do

services-1The Jeru­salem Sober House is intended to meet the needs of individuals who are seeking a “sober and clean” residence with a supportive ther­apeutic program. The program is designed to be an essential tran­sitional step in the individual’s journey to return to society as a sober, stronger, productive person. Read More


home-box-1Sober living environ­ments, facilities used by addicts recovering from substance abuse, serve as an interim environment between “drug rehabilitation” rehab and a return to their former lives. Jerusalem Sober House offers a more intensive experience than your typical sober living or halfway house. Read More

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